Corporate Social Responsibility – become a fan

Posted on October 13, 2010


17. February 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has in recent years become a buzz word for companies, governments and NGO’s. Which is good. The attention is apparently out there, but does the action follow? Not always. The ethical watchdog Danwatch has several times documented, that even though both Danish and multinational companies sign up for CSR in some way or the other, it unfortunately doesn’t mean that they act on it. To act is analyzing and documenting the consequences of Danish and multinational companies investments, spendings, trade and production abroad – like my idol, Danwatch, is doing.

I wonder if some companies confuse CSR with a Facebook application, of which they can become a fan by pressing the become-a-fan-button? Afterwards a well-meaning logo will appear on their page, and the public is satisfied. Was this action? No – an application is not an act. To become a fan is not an act.

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