Public Privacy #2: Thougts on the Rule of Law in Cyberspace

December 5, 2014


When we introduce the human rights we know to the Internet, we must remember to consider the complex social worlds that it entails. The needed guidelines must be balanced between information and opinion, where we are free to use our rights, but without violating others. In this essay, I will discuss ‘the Rule of Law’ […]

Inequality: Made by Humans

October 16, 2014


“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” These are the words of the very first article in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Much more need not to be said. I wish […]

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Public Privacy #1: Human Rights & Social Worlds – Online & Offline

October 15, 2014


When cyberspace interacts with individuals, networks, and states it no longer remains neutral. It becomes a social, political and private space that requires a constant balancing act of basic human rights – of freedom and privacy. I will explore this further through this these: ’Freedom and privacy on the Internet can be realized based on […]

Images of War and Victims in the Social Media

July 24, 2014


As citizen journalists, bloggers, tweeps etc., we often celebrate social media and citizen journalism for being open, free, collaborative and uncensored. What we must never compromise though, is the ethical considerations about the people and events we cover. Also when it comes to the images we share. During this last week, harsh images from both […]

Pity for the Poor, or When Do We Get to Hear the Good News?

May 7, 2014


When NGOs communicate, they often go for narratives of distress and disaster instead of showing progress and potential. The result is a distorted and stereotyped view of the world. Read the full post on Global Voices Online

Hopeful Action: An anthropological take on Ushahidi, Digital Activism and Hope

August 18, 2013


With empirical point of departure in the online platform, Ushahidi, my thesis explores how digital technology has created new premises for activism. The study is based on fieldwork in Egypt, Kenya, and online over the summer and fall of 2011. An audiovisual multimedia product that introduces the field, complements the written thesis. [This blog is re-posted […]

Blog Action Day: Thoughts on Ushahidi and Hope

October 15, 2012


This blogpost is dedicated to activists using the Ushahidi platform. With this blogpost I wish to open up for an alternative view on successful deployments. It is written as a contribution to Blog Action Day 2012: “The Power of We”.  Intro In the fall of 2011, I was in Cairo, Egypt and Nairobi, Kenya to […]